Maraba Coffee

We source only the best Arabica beans from Africa and produce a blend that is loved by people across the globe.

“...I just love this blend! The roast is perfect for an everyday cup and by far the best value for money!...”



"The only coffee which gets served in our home! So thankful to be in such good hands and to know we will always enjoy a good cup of coffee while putting our trust in Maraba Coffee Beans! The affordability is a huge bonus!"

Jeanique Van Heerden


"Been quaffing this blend for a week now. Remarkably well balanced roast. Slightly fruity aftertaste. Makes my usual unpalatable by comparison. 10/10 would buy again."



“We now have an office of Happy Devs. 0 Zombies confirmed. This coffee... is such an improvement!”

Tiff Thompson


“Amazing blend of coffee beans with the perfect roast and at such a good price, I can have as much coffee as I want, very happy and I will definitely be ordering more in the future.”



“I have an addiction to good quality coffee and this blend that I normally got from the Boeremark is just perfect. With lockdown and all in play I started to worry until I realized I could still order and have it delivered. Back to the is my "happy juice"!”



“This was third time I ordered and is very pleased with quick service and communication and we just love the coffee. The coffee kept us sane during lock down..”

Marius Botha


"We love our Maraba coffee Beans! Has been my sanity during lock-down!"

Annelien Maré


"Great coffee at a very affordable price. Highly recommended."

Alan Barrett


Our Story

Maraba meaning “man of the soil” in Arabic, pays tribute to the farmers whose sweat and toil produce the foundation of coffee we enjoy in the comfort of our homes, restaurants and street cafes.

We are situated in the eastern foothills of Gauteng, where the Ndebele Chief Maraba reigned for many decades. To this day, the area is littered with stone kraals, meeting areas and the remains of traditional accommodation that reminds us of the rich and versatile history we have in our African blend coffee.

At Maraba Coffee we source only the best Arabica coffee from Africa and blend it into a coffee that is loved by coffee drinkers across the world.

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